Stony Point

Stony Point Elementary School is situated near the intersection of Route 20 and Route 600 in eastern Albemarle County. Named for its rural surroundings, the community of Stony Point is perched on subterranean bedrock and now stands on the Southwest Mountains. 


Stony Point Elementary is rich in history; the original establishment, constructed in 1908, consisted of an auditorium and three rooms supplied with heat from wood stoves. The school was as much as a four-mile walk for some of its attendees, and the first "bus" was drawn by horses and driven by a man named Obe Flint. 

A Unique Learning Environment

A communal and artistic focus on learning and discovering has come to define academic activity at Stony Point. An ornate Japanese Garden Dragon created with glazed tiles by the students forms the school's insignia. Various outdoor classrooms, including an oriental water garden, sculpture garden, amphitheater, raised flower bed garden, herb garden, nature trail, and meadow, produce a hands-on learning environment. 

Today, students and staff use a variety of technology including laptop computers, Activboards, iPads, and iTouches as tools for learning. While much has changed since the days of a horse-drawn "bus," Stony Point continues to be known for its sense of community and commitment to educating the whole child.

General School Information

  • Grades Served: preK-5
  • Address: 3893 Stony Point Road, Keswick, VA 22947
  • Phone: (434)-973-6405
  • Fax: (434)-973-9751
  • Hours: 7:45 AM - 2:30 PM
  • Principal: Maureen Jensen
  • Assistant Principal: Paula Gately
Stony Point Dragon

We Are a Family

Stony Point Elementary is a creative community of learners who encourage each other to find and explore things about which they are passionate and who are high achievers.

It is our mission to foster an environment that allows our members to persevere to overcome challenges; to not be afraid to fail or to innovate; and to believe that there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

Every member of our community is a member of the Stony Point Family.